Open doors to your legal stay in Poland

Stay in Poland is associated with many regulations – both for the foreigners from and outside of the EU. Legalization of the stay in Poland puts foreigners in front of many rules and expectations, which need to be fulfilled to be able to stay in the country. Green Door has an experience in obtaining residence card. If you are interested in this service, contact us and we will provide you with reliable help.

Obtaining a residence permit does not have to be difficult. Adequate experience and knowledge of the law of the Green Door experts affect the speed of this process.

We are experts in all procedures in the area of legalizing your stay, so we can assure you will get a support at every step of the process. 

Stay up to 3 months

It is necessary to have a valid passport and visa (The stay only for the time indicated in the visa) or to have a valid biometric passport (If you have it you can be in Poland up to 90 days).

Stay for more than 3 months

Foreigner, who wants to reside in Poland for more than 3 months needs to have a temporary residence permit. Reasons to obtain such permit include: Permissioon to work, statement of the employer to entrust the job, running a business, studying, marriage or joining with the family.

Permanent residence

If you have a Polish card, Polish origin or Polish spouse

Long-term resident's residence permit

If you are in Poland for 5 years, you work here.

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